Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back to Posting (billy)

Well it has been a long and busy time but things are starting to revert back to normal here. Through the craziness (including international travel at a moments notice, illness, family trips and the Star Wars Episode III opener) some great and not-so-great wines have been samples and recorded in my handy little wine journal.

It is now that I go back through those writings to share my thoughts on the wines enjoyed with you.

Here's a glass raised to all the wine tasted over the last several weeks.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Whew-hoo! Went into a nice BIG wine store yesterday; to a good thing to do if you're intereseted in retiring...$$$ (I bought a Darioush Cab 2002) Will of course taste it at a later date.

Billy said...

fantastic, and I know what you mean about spending the retirement money (or kids' college tuition) on that bottle or two that you've just got to have for the collection!