Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mumm’s Napa NV Brut Prestige (PB)

This was a gift from the restaurant we went to for our anniversary mentioned in an earlier blog. We took the split (a split is a little bottle of wine; in this case 187ml) and put a good chill on it. I was expecting an overly sweet, tired, cloying grapey wine that would be better flushed than drank accept that Mumms is a “good” name. On opening this wine was full of apple and citrus with tight bubbles on the palate that were exciting. It is dry, refreshing, and a solid sparkler.

This was much better than the Chandon reviewed previously to this entry. It has a tart finish with is down right juicy. I will search this out to buy a full bottle! I believe it sells for around $18. Raise a glass!

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