Sunday, July 17, 2005

Erath Vineyards Reserve 1999 Pinot Noir (billy)

This was another Oregon wine (Erath Vineyards Willamette Valley, Oregon) that I tasted while at Salty's paying $10.50 for a glass. (see previous review for link to wine list with the restaurant's review). While I enjoyed this wine, it wasn't as much of a WOW as the Pinot Gris. This Pinot Noir had much more of a "POW". Here's what I journaled:
Robust nose booming with black cherry and wet leather and butter. On the palate it has a strong and pleasing acidity with well rounded tannins. Minerals and a hint of vanilla hang around with a finish that says, "WE ARE HERE!". The Finish is a taste bud snapshot without a camera. It contains a hat-tip (though not a full bow) to barrel aging and says "I'm Hearty".

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