Monday, July 04, 2005

Viu Manent Viu 1 2001 (PB)

Okay first–apologies for the hiatus of new entries but I DO have to earn a living and occasionally that requires me to travel. So I have been “out of pocket” as they say. So why not start out with a bang? NW and the fam dropped up for a visit and to deposit one female dog until their residence is ready in a nearby state. We decided to grill rib eyes and I decided to open this bottle I bought while visiting Billy in Minneapolis last winter. I bought it even though it was a wine outside my normal purse range. I have loved what Chile has produced in the way of inexpensive Merlots and Cabernets and I wanted to try a higher end wine. This one was around $50.

It has a wonderful deep and rich purple color–very young looking like pure grape juice. The bouquet was light with fresh cherries. It is spicy on the palate and quite dry. Tannins are firm but not oppressive though the wine is quite closed. It has a decent finish that lingers.

With some air time, there are berries in the nose and some green pepper flavors. It is rather “hot” and quite peppery like a bold zinfandel. All in all it is a decent wine but not worth the price tag!

Say ouch and raise a glass.

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