Friday, July 22, 2005

David Bruce Petite Syrah 2003 (PB)

This is a brilliant purple young wine with big blackberry aromas on the opening. It was a gift from (NW) who thought my cellar was looking a little peaked on a recent visit. In truth, I try to drink down my cellar in summer since it is not climate controlled–it’s a tough job but someone has to do it...

Anyway, In the mouth this wine is big with a fruit forward flavor of berries and chocolate. It is raining outside which just started with one of those lovely summer showers that makes everything so fresh smelling. I am lighting my charcoal Weber grill–yes, some still actually cook with charcoal and this wine will pair well with a juicy T-Bone.

On breathing, it is well balanced with sophisticated tannins, good acid, and round flavors of fruit–dark fruit with a hint of blueberries and more chocalate. It is nearly perfect in the mouth. The finish is heavy with fruit...just plain nice. I am guessing the price is around $22. Raise a glass to summer showers!

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