Sunday, July 17, 2005

King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris 2003 (billy)

This was a Pinot Gris I bought by the glass ($9.50) at Salty's seafood restaurant in Portland while on business. This is a wine crafted locally in Oregon. Here is the entry from my journal:
Quite light and elegant on the eyes. Quite a chardonnay style aroma on the nose. Citrus fruit, and sweet floral scent with honey on the nose. There is a bit of a spritzer with pleasing tannins that drop off very quickly to a very mild and elegant sliced green apple finish that almost is not enough but winds up making me say "ahhhhh."
A nice salad or greenery wine or fresh fruit accompaniment

If you are interested, you may view the Salty's wine list (with their review of this Pinot) here. The menu is in PDF format so you'll need Adobe's free Acrobat viewer plugin for your browser.

I've not sought out this wine locally, but given the Supreme Court's decision on wine shipping, you *may* be able to get it shipped to you.

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Scott said...

I enjoyed reading your post on the KE Pinot Gris. You might try their Domaine Pinot Gris sometime, which has earned very high reviews, and is one of my favorite white wines.

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- Scott