Monday, July 18, 2005

Hunt for that bargain find! (PB)

Here I am still in Chicago enroute to our last stop of the trip. Last time here I found a bottle of BV Tapestry for $25. For some reason The Wine Spectator always pans this wine giving it, most recently, a score in the 70's.

This is baffling since this wine, regardless of year has been one of my very favorite wines. Beaulieu Vineyards had a TCA problem a couple years back. TCA is a contaminant of wines originating from a bad cork, or contamination somewhere in the system used for vinification. It can be the ruin of a wine producer and a real pain to find the source. Even in the worst year of TCA at BV, the Tapestry bottling was wonderful so go figure.

At any rate, the wine store I found it in a couple years back had changed its inventory to a "popular" selection of wine rather than the informed selection of wines it had previously. No Tapestry was found.

But what I did find was a bottle of Chateau Lynch-Bages, one of Bordeaux's premier wines of the Grand Cru Classe designation. It was a 1996 and they had what looked to be most of an entire case. It was priced at $69.95. This wine runs anywhere from $90-$115 per bottle. So, I will be hitting the store on my way out of town and picking up a bottle to take back to New England. Tonight, I will raise a glass to all of you of whatever it is we open. Cheers!

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