Friday, March 26, 2010

Sean Minor 4B Central Coast Chardonnay 2008 wine review by (PB)

Disclosure: Sponsored review--This wine was sent to us by our friends at Sean Minor wines.
Okay hang onto your palates and get ready to run to find this wine!

It presents with a light golden hue and flowery, sweet candied bouquet enticing my nose while sitting on the table in front of me. Really lovely!

Bouquet: Magical, powdery tropical fruit aromas with glorious banana highlights in a floral package. Wow...

Palate--fleeting but definite caramel front with solid structure that is integrated with pineapple and citrus with a buttery texture all of which finishes elegantly with long, sweet cream and light tropical fruit.

Okay reality check here--THIS is what wine should be. This wine runs around $13 yet reminds me a bunch of one of (NW's) fave Chards--Rombauer--which costs well over twice as much.

I will be paring this wine with salmon in a lemon-dill cream sauce.

And let me reassure my blog followers that I do not give favorable reviews for a wine simply because it was sent for gratis. If I don't think a wine is decent and well made, I will trash it. Otherwise this blog is worthless. This Central coast Chard is a superior wine and a SUPER value so raise several glasses! Kudos to the folks at Sean Minor!


Sean Minor said...

Man, you guys just made our day! Thanks for taking the time to review. We really appreciate the feedback!!

Sean Minor
Four Bears Winery

Anonymous said...

We have had nothing but great reviews on the Sean Minor lines since we began serving them at Fat Cat.

Neal Washburn
Managing Partner
Fat Cat Restraunt Lounge