Monday, March 29, 2010

Lange Pinot Noir 2007 review by (PB)

I found this previously reviewed Pinot (Aug, 08) in a semi-local store and grabbed it for $17 which is about $10 less than the first time I found it on a trip to Minneapolis. I have a fond connection to this wine having read (and reviewed on this blog) The Grail by Brian Doyle, who writes of the production of this wine having spent an entire season with the folks at Lange Winery in the Willamette Valley Oregon.

It has classic Pinot color of light purple/cherry and a bouquet of wild cherry fruit and some nice sweet spice.

Palate--a bit tightly wound with some bready notes and raspberry /cherry fruit that is tasty and even.

I did not like this nearly as well as the first time I tasted this in August. Bottle variation? An off palate? who knows, but this is a solid Pinot and a decent price so raise a glass.

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