Saturday, March 06, 2010

La Grange Clinet 2005 wine review (PB)

I reviewed this back in May and bought the last three bottles I found to study how it might evolve with time. It is a strong garnet color with a bouquet of wild cherry and dried cherry with some light caraway.

Palate--Hyper-steel and mineral notes that is wildly sour and NO fruit to speak of. There is so much steel it tastes like sucking on re-bar. (Everyone sucks on re-bar don't they?)

This wine is so tightly wound and it might be in what some wines go through called a dumb phase. Remember I purposely bought more of this wine and I don't do that without good prospects of a nice wine with a wait.

As the wine breathes, it is much better but still tightly wound. We'll watch this wine over the next two years. I paid $14 for it so I am not expecting a miracle but it should show better down the road. Paired with BBQ'd NY strip steaks. Raise a glass.

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