Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fattoria Poggiopiano Rosso di Sera 1999 Wine Review by Billy and NW

NW is in town for business so he and I are enjoying some wine whilst we catch up. We decided to open this nice Italian red that I found on the half price rack at a local wine shop. The original price was marked at a (bloated) 67 bucks and I think I paid about 30 for it.

Nose: Just after opening currents and tobacco were evident. Now sweet cherry is emerging.
Palate: very dry, chewy tannins, even balance, wonderful structure that is complex without being heavy or overbearing. Maturing and opening as it airs out. A treat.
Finish: Cherry and nutmeg hints on the back of the palate taper off in a long finish the ends with some woody and stemmy tones.
Overall:A very nice treat to share with NW. This is a pricey bottle and even at half price, the $30 spend was hefty. Still, it is not an unfair price in my mind. The crafting is wonderful, the wine is mature and continues to show its experience as it changes character gracefully, without fits and starts, but in a flow of character and flavor and profile.

Nose:wild cherries, currants, wet earth, leather, spice
Palate:dense and chewy
Finish:sweet black cherry with more spices and hints of tobacco
Overall: interesting and exotic with layers of spicy fruit and earth. This wine should continue to cellar well and when you open it give it plenty of time to evolve in the glass.

The best part of the wine was sharing this special 1999 Italian red with NW who is in town for just a little while. This just goes to show that you should pay attention to what is on the half price rack and in the bargain bin. Some delightful finds will be there. The price of discovery is a risk, but in this case it had a huge payoff.

Raise a Glass of Fattoria Poggiopiano Rosso di Sera 1999 red!

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