Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Herman Story Santa Barbara Grenache 2006 wine review by (PB)

Intense, deep, dark black cherry hue with a bouquet of rich, deep, dark black cherry nose changing as it opens.

Palate--Rich, plush luxurious tannins, cocoa with big fruity dark berries and wonderful fruit flavor and a pepper finish.

A really tasty wine at the $32 price point and make note of this; there tends to be a big difference between a varietal wine--in this case Grenache--that is $10 vs. $20 or above. So making a decision that you don't care for a particular type of wine at the $10 price point, don't just write the grape off until and unless you have had a wine of the same grape at a higher price point!

I love inexpensive Grenache but it is an entirely different experience at this higher price point. I paired it with breaded Veal shoulder cuts pounded out very thin with broccoli rabe. The wine was everything! Raise a glass.

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Mark's Wine Clubs said...

Completely agree on this being a great Grenache. I think it comes across as incredibly balanced, even with a 16%+ alcohol level.

I think that speaks to both his talent as a winemaker as well as the quality of fruit being produced in Paso Robles, which is certainly a hot growing environment.

Have you tried any of the Barrel 27 wines or the McPrice Myers stuff?