Saturday, March 06, 2010

L'Etoile Cuvee Reserve Banyuls 1989 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Stewed plum and sweet tobacco on the nose

Sweet and rich but somehow light on the palate

Long finish of more stewed fruit, prunes, spice, and earth

(Not exact 1989 Cuvee Reserve label pictured at left, but similar L'Etoile label)


What a treat! I'd been meaning to try an older Banyuls after sampling several relatively young wines, and this one is excellent. Banyuls is an under-appreciated dessert wine on this side of the Atlantic. Produced in the very Southernmost part of France, it's a Grenache blend that carries a dark, rich color and flavor.

While you might not see a 21-year-old Banyuls for sale in most wine shops, you might spot one on a restaurant wine list. When you do, check it out. I paid about $20 for a glass of this 1989 from L'Etoile at a restaurant recently. Raise a glass!


mary's blog said...

Good review, although in my country drink wine not popular i get value information about wine after read your post...

Patty said...

I'm always looking to see what is a good wine to try and your blog has helped me with this so much, thanks!

Cindy said...

Based on your review, I tried this wine. Not bad.