Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PB's Pick for #1 Wine Value of 2008

With all the wines that are "out there" you would think it would be nearly impossible to pick the best wine value of the year.

First some explanation: To be fair, in order to truly designate the BEST wine of the year one would have to have tasted EVERY wine in the world. Impossible of course.

So my pick is more accurately the best wine value of the year out of all the wines I have had this year which is around 350-400 different wines. Remember this is the best wine "value."

And that wine is; tadum-tadum..... Cline Zinfandel 2006; at a market price point of around $9 with bargains to be had at places like Sam's Club where this wine costs just $7.80.

This is Cline's production level Zin (not their ancient vine Zin) and is the cheapest zin they make. For this price you get a classic varietal with the chracteristics of the Zinfandel grape, bursting with a balanced fruit forward presence, and just such a pleasing berry rich palate that is good all alone but even better with a nice grilled "anything."

Pair it with some bolder cheeses; italian food, pasta with garlicky marinara; it works with them all. I don't drink too many repeat wines since ther are just so many wonderful adventures waiting and since, with a few appreciated exceptions, each of us at the WCB pays for our own wines consumed, we want to broaden our palate's discernment.

Yet I have consumed at least a case and a half of this zin this year and past year's vintages have been pretty much equally good.

So raise a glass and take advantage of this nice and inexpensive wine!

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