Sunday, December 28, 2008

2005 Les Champans Bourgogne Pinot Noir wine review by Billy

Nose:Earthy strawberry, cherry(?!), layer of tobacco, dirt.
Palate: even balance, soft in mouth, mid palate flavors of socks and warm oaky spice.
Finish: extremely long finish of strawberries and earth

Overall: I paid $26 for this earlier this year. The wonderfully long finish and delightfully earthy nose set this Premier Cru Bourgogne from the vineyard of Les Champans apart. Layers on the nose are complex and engaging. With time it opens even more. In the glass it still shows a very youthful clear plum-purple. Others have called this an "entry level" pinot noir. I call it a wonderfully accessible pinot noir made with enough respect for the land that it allows the earthy flavors to come through. Delightful.
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