Saturday, January 08, 2005

"Wine Speak"--A Language Unto It's Own

I have to admit it, “I like “Wine Speak” even though I admit it gets absurd! By wine speak I am talking about the vocabulary some of us use in describing a wine we are reviewing. You know what I mean! “Has legs like a thoroughbred, strong and forward, with a tannic backbone that sucks the life out of your palate. Notes of leather and tar accentuate a rather presumptuous if not heady structure though voluptuous berry notes of cream and citrus lift your spirits. An elegant and gentle finish just lingers on and on.”

Sometimes you’re not sure if the reviewer is drinking wine or making love for crying out loud. And what about some of the adjectives wine writers use? Tastes like “leather” and “tar?” I don’t know about your tastes, and I understand that this whole “taste thing” is subjective, but if I pay good money for a bottle of something to drink, a mouthful of saddle or thoughts of my tongue on hot summery pavement isn’t something on which I want to spend money. But these are favorable descriptors which seem to be in vogue on the wine scene currently.

In the Wine Cask, I will try to be “real” in my reviews using words that make sense. But remember I’ve been doing this a long time, and if I happen to slip now and again, well, pour another glass and make up your own wine vocabulary. PB

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