Monday, January 17, 2005

Chateau Plaisance 2000

I paid $15 for this St. Emilion is a “Premieres Cote De Bordeaux” medium deep garnet with an inky, yeasty and blast-of-spice nose. It sits very nicely in the mouth with a decent balance on opening. With some airtime it’s a little bitter but not detracting. This is rather straightforward, uncomplicated and solid. Huge green pepper aromas emerge later on and even a little mint and may be even a smidge of dill(?)
Two days have elapsed though I have kept the open bottle in the fridge with a vacuum top (later blog). It really is nice with raspberry aromas and a wild mocha and coffee aftertaste that is very nice. This is the best inexpensive Bordeaux I’ve tasted in quite some time (but then I haven’t had many due to France’s crappy attitude toward one of their biggest markets.) When they go to their attitude garden and pick a new attitude towards the U.S., I will jump back into the French market. I may buy one more to lay down just for kicks. PB


Anonymous said...

you should try the 2000 plaisance grand cru. this one is my favorite french wine and sells for about $20. i have several cases of this wine in my cellar. i've had the one that you mentioned and it too is pretty good. also, try the 2000 plaisance alix cuvee. robert parker gave it a 90 and he gave the grand cru a 89. salud!!!

Anonymous said...

With dinner tonight, just finishing a bottle of 2000 Gr Cru which I purchased by a few (thank goodness) case loads in 2001. Absolutely lovely and drinking at what I think must be its best. Fairly classic merlot flavour but with some interesting and soft complexities, all lingering well on the palate.
Might just devour another - but a food wine for sure, so maybe not.