Friday, January 28, 2005

Quick Swirl: Chateau De Flougergues 2001 $16 (PB)

In writing "What Makes a Good Wine Shop Good," I mentioned asking Eric Fullagar the proprietor for a recommendation of something special under $20. This is the wine he suggested.

This selection from the Coteaux Du Languedoc is beautiful and youthful in the glass. Even before swirling, a playful fruitiness danced its way into my presence that was almost candied like a hint of bubblegum. The bouquet is punctuated with a yeasty, fresh baked bready nose while swirling releases a chocolate surprise full of ripe berries. In the mouth there is a perky little hum, nearly “spritzig,” to use the German term for a hint of carbonation, only this is subtler. Tannins are lively and the wine is structurally sound. With some airtime, the yeasty fragrance mellows out and currants emerge with full rich raisiny force. The finish is somewhat delicate.

I put Mr. Fullagar on the spot and asked for something special for under $20. Did he deliver? You bet! Nice going Eric! Excuse me while I go raise another glass of the same!

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