Sunday, January 16, 2005

Gascon 2003 Malbec Review (PB)

This Argentinian is just one more reason why you need to expand your horizons beyond Napa/Sonoma/France. It is youthful in appearance (which means it tends toward a purple hue; wine becomes more reddish as it ages towards a brown when too old) and appealing to the eye. Remember wine is a sensory experience engaging everything from taste to texture, to remembrances of places people and times. The bouquet is delicate but delightful. In the mouth it is lively with a unique bitterness (immature tannins?)and tartness that may sound like a negative but actually provides a certain intrigue. This wine has a solid structure, good tannic foundation and cherries in the midst of it all. this is a well made and good wine though not particularly one that stands out in a competitive field. A solid buy.

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