Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Toast to Christen The Wine Cask Blog!

Welcome to the blog that simplifies the wondrous world of wine for everyone from the enologically astute to the guzzler of "white zin." Whether you are a wine connoisseur, a weekend wine-er, or merely wine-curious, we will have something for you.

We'll whine about wines that are overpriced and over-hyped and we'll rave about the very best of the everyday wines stocking the shelves of your supermarket. The fact is, the overwhelming majority of people who drink wine are going to spend only $5-$15 a bottle.

The Wine Cask's writing staff is spread across the U.S. and travels frequently. We will bring you reviews, whines, and raves about regional treats and specialties as well as brands and vintages you can get almost anywhere. We have various levels of experience and wine education and can speak to everyone from the "by the glass" to the "by to case" wine enthusiasts.

Check back soon as we officially launch the newest blog plying the seas of the vine.

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