Friday, January 14, 2005

Quick Swirl: Sebastiani Chardonnay Sonoma County 2001 (NW)

A "Quick Swirl" tasting note for an unbeatable value Chardonnay:

Sebastiani Chardonnay Sonoma County 2001:
Pear, honey, and vanilla on the nose and palate
Long, lingering, buttery finish with some oak
Price paid in Florida store- $11/bottle

Personally, my favorite style of Chardonnay due to the balance of fruit and the long, buttery finish. I prefer to let it warm up in the glass a little to let the flavors emerge. Refrigeration temperature is just too cold for this type of Chardonnay.

This is a great deal in today's marketplace because very few Chardonnays under $15 have any real character. A lot of inexpensive Chardonnay on the shelves tastes okay, but it is all the same and does very little to bring out the qualities of the varietal. Look at the Chardonnay isle- it's too big. This has become America's favorite varietal and is ordered by the glass in restaurants just like iced tea. Ubiquity has lead to sameness and blandness, but Sebastiani stands out in the crowd!

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