Tuesday, January 18, 2005

High-Tech Wine Tasting (Billy)

We don't usually post articles here, but this one caught my eye. Wired magazine (a daily read for this tech-geek) has a write up of VinoVenue, a new wine tasing bar in (where else?) San Francisco. What sets this place apart is it's high-tech approach to dispensing the fruit of the vine. From the article:
"At the wine stations, organized by varietal, one then inserts the card into a slot, places the glass under a stainless steel spout, and presses the button above the bottle of choice. The machine deducts money from the card, drop by drop, as it shoots out a precise 1-inch pour. . . .VinoVenue's willingness to take the cork out of a $200 bottle of wine further sets it apart from traditional wine bars . . . The dispensing machines preserve the wine by filling the air space in the bottle with argon, an inert gas that prevents the wine from spoiling."

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For pictures and the entire article, go HERE.

As always, Salud!

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