Friday, January 14, 2005

RealTime Review: Viu Manent 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon (Billy)

A "RealTime Review" means that I live blog the tasting of this wine. I write as I taste, these are first impressions and initial reactions.

I always like to take an intial taste before letting the wine breathe. The distinctions are often pronounced and make for an interesting tasting experience.

This bottle is about $10

Upon opening: This Cab is a deep blood red and clear.
Bitter Chocolate, anise, and plumb give way to vanilla oak (which takes over) on the nose. There is a complexity in the mouth that makes me go, "huh, is that supposed to be there?". Nice tannins but shallow finish.

Lets hope a little breathing settles this beast down.

After Breathing: That "huh, is that supposed to be there?" taste has migrated to the "bouquet" although it's starting to smell like something my dog dug up in the garden (and not in that winesnobbish "moist earth on the nose" kind of way). If I smelled like this my wife would ask me to shower. This wine's "nose" makes me want to hold mine. Well the complexity in the mouth ("palate" seems too refined a term for what this sluice juice does to me) is gone. It has been replaced by an "organic" flavor, like licking a camp-shower stall that has been wet but unused for the entire summer. It leaves my "palate" like a mouthfull of soggy moldy bread.

The Bottle is the nicest thing about this wine and that's because it can be recycled.

pouring the rest out now and getting a glass of Mountain Dew.


Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious!

Billy said...

Yes, the MountainDew was actually quite nice after the previous taste "sensation".

well, that's why it's always an adventure.

Anonymous said...

A perplexing review to say the least. Initial description sounds more like the shaping of a Cru Borgoisie (forgive my spelling)but then breathing gives way to the brew of Damien's child. Doesn't fit...And "if it doesn't fit, you have to spit" as the axiom goes.
I tasted a Viu Manent not long ago and I have to say my assessment was similar to the final asessment of the reviewers tastes. Never-the-less, I have a bottle of "Viu 1" in my climate control center ($40) and rated quite highly by Wine Spectator. Of course you'll be privy to that review when it occurs. For now, if you ahve a choice of Viu Manent or Mountain Dew--go with the Mountain Dew--Non Vintage. You won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

These reviewers sound like a bunch of wanna me...people with nothing better to do but bash wines and impress each other with their limited knowledge ....legends in their own minds.

If Mountain Dew is their preferred beverage..that pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment that if you like mountain dew better..that's enough said about your taste buds. Get over yourself with your arrogance for what you find good and bad about wine! Your comments show nothing but inexperience. Look at what others think about it...others that know a heck of a lot more than you do.
"Billy" i think mommy is calling you for dinner..she has your mountain dew on ice for you!