Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Celebration of Life: A Wine Philosophy (NW)

Wine is an experience. It always is! Wine creates experiences. It always does! The juice of the vine is a celebration of life. With the myriad interpretations of wine, each and every tasting is special. From great French bottlings to simple jug pourings, wine enhances a meal or a moment or a memory.

My wife and I often talk about how wine encourages conversation; conversation about wine, about relationships, about life. Wine takes us on journeys through our memories and into our dreams about our future. Have you ever noticed that sharing a glass of wine with friends often leads to conversations about travel, geography, history, restaurants, food, and other wine experiences? Just a quick glance at a label can provoke a thought or even stir the soul. Even when the wine itself is not the focus, wine is the great facilitator of experiences. People celebrate with wine. "Pop the cork" has uinversal meaning and broad appeal. The wine label may never be seen or the characteristics on the palate discussed, but the moment is special and the experience is being enhanced by a glass in hand.

Enjoying wine and the experience around wine is the goal! Studying wine, collecting wine, and waxing-eloquent about wine can be thrilling, too-- but entirely unnecessary. In my contributions to The Wine Cask I will focus on exploring the simple enjoyment of wine through sharing experiences, recommendations, and tasting notes in plain language. Ocassionally, I will also discuss the study of wine and pursuit of collecting for private cellaring.

I hope this content will enhance your enjoyment of wine and help you place wine experiences at the center of your celebration of life! Raise a glass! NW

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