Wednesday, February 03, 2010

LaTraversagna 2001 Classico Superiore Monte Faustino wine review by (PB)

Celebrating our 36th anniversary together, I brought my wife to New York City so she could walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Call it a bucket list kind of thing... We made our way to Greenwich Village to this little bistro and sat on the street where I ordered my first "Sweet breads." How the thymus gland--or brains of a calf was given such a pleasant sounding name, I'll never know. They are "different" to be sure.

I ordered this wine for $50 which puts it around $24 retail. Restaurant mark ups of wine--don't get me going...

This wine is showing some maturity in the color and presents with a fruity Valpolicella presentation with an herbal green pepper foundation;

Palate--a green peppery, cherry fruitiness: It is perfectly mature and should hold for another year at least.

In view of our surroundings, the event of the celebration, the wine is a wonderful accompaniment to the festivity of our anniversary. Such reviews are never objectively accurate. But that is what is wonderful about wine. It's not simply always about objective analysis but about the entire experience and the role wine plays in that memory. For that reason, this will always be a special wine worth its weight in gold!

Raise a glass to the beverage that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

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Thomas @ The Blog Wine Cellar said...

Restaurant wine prices are quite insane aren't they.....Sounds like that bottle was well worth it though. I agree with your sentiments about wine and the subjectivity or reviewing it. Seems as though wine is food for the soul and part of the overall experience of life. I review it for friends and as a hobby but I somehow feel sort of guilty pointing out flaws or things I don't like about it. Everyone's a critic about something and although I'm not really that picky about wine, I do like to characterize it and talk about the good and the bad. Cheers~