Thursday, February 18, 2010

Charamba Douro 2007 Sponsored Wine Review by Billy

Nose:A smooth and fruity nose reminiscent of the Spanish Tempranillo grape, some earth and oaky acorn notes are most dominant. Vibrant and enticing.
Palate:firm and youthful acids play about an understated tannin core. Very accessible but definitely young.
Finish: Acorn and Vanilla Cherry finish off very quickly leaving a green apple peel flavor at the very back of the tongue.
Overall: This delightfully youthful mix of grapes from the Douro region of Portugal still looks very young in the glass with a spry purple hue. The nose of the Charamba is wonderful and has enough facets to keep the wine lovers in your life enthusiastic. The palate is not complex which keeps this wine in the easy drinking and have a bottle on hand category. The finish is short but nice and keeps the Charamba balanced. A solid every day drinking wine for a very reasonable price. This wine was sent to The Wine Cask Blog for review by PortugalWines.Org. It retails for anywhere from $7-$12 online and you should ask your local wine store to get a case or two in stock. The 2007 Charamba is accessible and easy going. It is not a complex wine but that makes it easy to enjoy. It's youthful character and easy-on-the-wallet price point mean that it is pleasant to drink and pleasant to share. Raise a Glass to Portugal!

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