Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big House Red 2008 wine review by (PB)

This purple wine has an earthy nose with steely, confused fruit. Black cherry, cherry, no wait, uh, maybe blackberry no, it's just weird red berryness, or is it cherryness?

Palate--bready with ample fruit with some dirt and tannins and smoke with dusty rags.

This wine is a blend of 11 different grapes which in my experience with hyper blended wines yield just what you have here--a schizophrenic red beverage that doesn't know who or what it is. Send this wine to the "big house" to serve sentence for inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on its drinkers.

These wines usually run around the $10 price point but I bought it at $6. That was about $6 too much. Now lest one thinks I am just a snob, I just paired a Beringer Pinot Noir (under $6) with my wife's home made chicken soup. It was perfect for the dish and I actually bought a case of this cheap wine knowing a value when I see, er uh, taste one!

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