Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chateau Leoville Barton 1995 wine review by (PB)

With (NW) this weekend and we're talking about great wines we've had and this one comes up. I peruse the blog and discover that I never entered my tasting notes. So here goes:

This St. Julien sought after wine is filling the room with fruit aromas even before raising a glass. Sweet plush fruit fills the air. Luden's wild cherry cough drops (my fave as a kid) are in my head and my nose. I think I will fake a cough so I can have a Ludens! This wine is like sniffing a fragrant cigar box with leather and wonderful aromas all over the place.

Palate--Holy cow; this wine is SO young at 14 years old, sheesh! It tastes like a 3 year old wine even though the color is showing some maturity. Cedar and fruit are trying to fight their way out but this wine has only begun to show its stuff. Texture is plush and elegant. Wish we had another to try in another 5 years. Raise a glass to fine wine.

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