Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gentil "Hugel" 2007 Wine review by (PB)

This Alsatian white blend was on sale for $10. That's a very good price so I snagged it.
It presents with a hue of very light gold and a bouquet of ample vanilla with a tropical fruit compote of fruit galore with citrus aromas that are making my mouth water and a touch of minerality rounds out this nice nose. Tons of spices are just under the fruit. Really nice; especially with a run-on sentence!

Palate--Absolutely saliva producing citrus fruits that are so fresh I want to peel the rind away in my mouth. This is just juicy, juicy, juicy with pineapple, slight pear, mandarin orange and tart orange flavors with green apples as it warms up.

This is definitely a food wine which I will put to the test as soon as my sous chef arrives with the seafood ingredient du jour. Raise a glass to a wine with place, pedigree and pleasure!

Late note--Had a straight forward broiled Haddock with broccolini and a browned-butter cashew garnish.

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