Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Marco Real Garnacha 2004 Wine review by (PB)

Visiting a local wine shop my wife and I were “hunting” the shelves in search of various bargains. It was Monday and there were three suppliers in the store restocking shelves.

One comes up to us with this bottle of wine and says, “If you like Spanish, you have to try this.”

Okay, so I’m a Grenache fan anyway and we put it in our cart.

It is from Navarra Spain and pours with a purple/cranberry hue with a big dried cherry bouquet. In the mouth this wine is really full and robust, not like any Grenache I am used to. It had chewy tannins with a hint of toast and full of stiff dried red fruit—very bold and underneath the first taste was a layer of candy; interesting and unique for this grape.

I made the season’s first batch of venison chili which was a good pairing for this wine; it needed something equally bold to stand up to it. The wine was under $10 and the supplier was right; we liked it.

Lesson here is that when a human being walks up to you and says, “Try this!” He is essentially putting his name, and very person on the line. He’s not just trying to sell you something; he’s excited about it and wants to share it with you so my advice is, put it in your cart and give it a whirl. Chances are high that you won’t be disappointed in raising a glass!

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