Monday, August 28, 2006

Manyana Tempranillo 2004 Review by (Billy)

Nose: light red berries - strawberry and cherry predominate
Palate: Zippy candied strawberry - cherry with a stable but not complex structure.
Finish: more light fruit and the slightest hints of oak spice that provide some non-fruit character to the finish.

This lists at $20 a bottle at a local wine bar which means that it probably retails for 8-10 in your local store. (Today is half priced bottle Monday, so, we'll see what the resulting price is later).

All in all this is an easy-going fruity wine. It is not as complex as some other spanish tempranillos (Tempranillo is the varietal pronounced "Temp-rah-KNEE-yo") but very drinkable. The light fruit nose and flavors will go with many dishes but could be over-powered by full-flavored savory meals.

I like this wine. It goes well for my activity / location now. I'm in a local wifi-enabled wine bar, sitting in an easy chair blogging and surfing. The fetching Mrs. Billy is at the spa next door getting a pedicure (her first ever lest you categorize this blogger as some snooty up-scale wannabe). The wine is a nice accompanyment to my waiting and it wont break my wallet (I'll let the spa trip do that)

Raise a Glass!

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Anonymous said...

A friend gave me this wine as a thank you for altering a bridesmaid dress for a wedding the next day. Wasnt sure about it, but love it, smooth!