Tuesday, August 22, 2006

*Blackstone Merlot 2003 Wine Review (NW)

Medium red color
Nose of jammy fuit and plum
Moderately smooth, fruity palate
Finish tapers quickly

Sometimes a wine is just too typical. This is a very average bargain Merlot that has a round, fruity character and a moderately smooth texture. The problem is that it's exactly what you'd expect. While there's nothing offensive about it, there's nothing distinct or interesting either.

On my first sip during the CJ Merlot Challenge, I knew this had to be the Blackstone. It was the first wine I tasted and quickly realized it couldn't be the challenger because it was too typical. What would be the point! Anyhow, it's an inexpensive wine I've seen priced from $9-12. I recommend you pass it up, though, and grab something more interesting. And raise a glass!

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Anonymous said...

Well - I love it!