Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Goats do Roam Red 2004 Real Time Wine Review (NW)

Plum and spice on the nose
Dry, clean palate
Dried fruit finish

I'm enjoying this wine as I write. I can't remember the last time I had this- most likely about two years ago. When I saw it a few weeks ago for $8, I had to grab a bottle because I've seen it priced as high as $12.

This is a well-made wine for the money, although nothing extraordinary. It has class, a touch of spice, and is dry and clean. Typically, the wine makers blend a variety of red wine grapes including the signature grape of South Africa- Pinotage. The playful label play-on-words gives it marketing appeal against the hokey value wines from Australia. The difference is that this wine is dry and crisp, placing it on the opposite end of the spectrum from the typical Australian animal label wines. When you want a really dry red wine that is widely available, this should do the trick. Raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

I'm not an expert, but well, the alcohol aroma was overwhelming, .. it's... hmmmm I'm drinking it now too...I like the peppery bite it has but it screams alcohol.

It's ok, but I won't run out and buy again. It was $12 and the store had a full dusty rack of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm also opened a bottle and am sipping it right now. I must agree - to much alcohol. You can certainly find something better for the price.