Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fetzer Gewurtztraminer 2005 Wine Review by (PB)

This--my multitudinously reviewed wine which I adore--is unquestionably my favorite summer wine. So after three wonderful weeks of time off from my real life’s calling, I wanted to have a special dinner marking my last night of vacation.

Little neck clams, and Mahogany clams steamed in a herbed, white wine and rose broth worked for the appetizers and Maine’s own unique contribution to the gastronomic world—lobster.

I had opened the Gewurz as an aperitif to go with the appetizers but it was just so cotton pickin good I scrapped my intention to go with a Beaujolais Cru from “Morgon” for the main course and stick with the Fetzer right through dinner.

I was a little apprehensive but fairly confident it would work. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This Fetzer varietal, chilled down more than usual, was actually a little “spritzig” in the mouth. (a German term for effervescent; very tiny, almost invisible bubbles more like little pin pricks that dance on the tongue—fun!)

This wine is sufficiently well made to handle the butter sauce of the lobster and the acidic sweetness is marvelous against the bitterness of the clams yet gentle enough for the sweet corn. Golden, apply nectar marks this wine with a bouquet to match it’s flavorful palate.

Once again, this wine surprised me as being better than it should be in light of its price. I found it for $7.50 in Boston and bought ½ case. It sells for around $12 in most parts of the country from what I can tell. At any rate, dinner was a success, the wine fabulous and now back to the grind. Raise a glass!

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