Monday, October 16, 2023

Marqués De Toro Cabernet Sauvignon Finca La Moura 2020


Very nice dark purple/garnet hue with aromas of tightly wound red fruit with tightly wound spices and ash. (Obviously needs to be breathed!) After some air--tart pie cherries emerge. 

Palate-Scintillating mouth feel on opening with a near "sparkling" effect but is from the vibrant structure rather than actual bubbles. (Unique)  Big flavor profile but again needs time to open up and reveal all what is there.  With air it is full of lovely cherry and red berries with a nice beam of food friendly acid. Finishes very quickly!

This previously reviewed value wine has a lot going for it but has just been opened and needs time to let itself go. This is a single vineyard Cabernet from Spain...

I paid $9 for this normally found around $15.  I paired it with with my carbonara and it was lovely so raise a glass!

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