Monday, October 23, 2023

Bosman Family Vineyards "Generation 8" Shiraz 2020


A much lighter crimson hue than what one would expect from a Shiraz with a very slight brownish tinge to it supporting aromas of fresh berry fruit laying on top of aged fruit, sweet and savory gentle spicing, lovely floral notes, a suggestion of menthol, and a blast of dark cocoa taffy on the end.        

Palate--a bit thin in texture for my expectation of Shiraz, there's alot going on here, and a bit confusing. I am going to let it breathe more and we'll see.  This is a wine with robust structure, able to accompany a variety of dishes, or enjoyed all by itself. Definitely not at all like the fruit bombs I have come to expect from other parts of the "new world."  

This South African creation is unique, pleasant, crafted with care but just not what I expect from Shiraz.  That is not a negative!  It is just the reality of the creativity of vintners.  At the $15 price point I would give it a shot, but probably not my cup of tea; I mean wine. Raise a glass!

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