Friday, August 14, 2009

Story Teller Syrah 2008 wine review by (PB)

On the Sangria theme from the last entry, my wife took my advice to heart and sent me out to get another "cheap" wine to make Sangria. I grabbed this wine for $7.

Strained aromas of light tobacco and berry fruit.

Palate--really flat, lifeless, tasteless, and hot. Buying it for Sangria was a good move! Raise a glass...of Sangria!

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lwilly said...

Hi guys,
I'm new to your blog and wondering if you take shipments to review wine or if you travel to wineries, we'd be very interested in either. We're located in Hood River, OR. and would love to have you out if you're in the region. We're sharing 4 wines with wine reviewers now reflective of the important wine regions of the world and would love to get your feedback. Feel free to email me at lisa at mediafortemarketing dot com if you're interested.