Monday, August 24, 2009

The Grail by Brian Doyle--book review by (PB)

Author Brian Doyle tags along with Jesse Lange of Lange Winery in the production of its specialty--Pinot Noir taking you to the fields, the tasting room, the winery and finally to the bottling of another vintage of the finicky grape.

Doyle's writing style is absolutely unique as he utilizes the run-on sentence in masterful fashion in such a way that works and only adds to the feel of relentless busy-ness that marks the daily routine of the winery and even though my English teachers and my own editors would have never let an article of mine presented in such fashion off their desk, Doyle makes it work. :)

Of the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir which is reviewed below this entry, Doyle writes; "[It's] the work horse of the winery, the foot solider,the flag bearer. It's the one they sell the most, the one that generally is the general public's introduction to Lange Winery. It's a cheap paradox Pinot: It's the cheapest but its not cheap. It is the least renowned but it reflects the most craft. it draws the least applause but should arguably draw the most." pg.194-95

The Grail
was delightful reading and I finished it while sipping the aforementioned wine and subsequently reviewed wine and it just doesn't get any better than that except for perhaps tasting it at the winery with the makers explaining their craft. Raise a glass to the folks at Lange and wineries everywhere who don't simply make a beverage--they create a potable and palatable piece of art!

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