Sunday, August 09, 2009

Etoile Rose NV Cuvee by Moet & Chandon wine review by Billy

Nose: muted nose of crisp citric acid, cinnamon, fig paste and daisy flowers
Palate:very dry with good acidity. Uneven bubbles that dissipate quickly in the glass to spritzig but not a bubbly.
Finish: Grassy, citric acid comes back
Overall: In a trumpet it appears as a muted brickish rose. I paid about $35 for this bottle and am disappointed. It has all the character of a flat bottle of soda pop. Promising fizz on the pour but quickly evaporating sparkle leaves you with a mediocre cuvee wine in your glass that you wish had room for something else.

Raise a glass of something else for the money (white star by Chandon for instance). AVOID and don't waste your money.

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