Friday, August 21, 2009

Rosenblum Zinfandel Vintner's Cuvee wine review by (PB)

Rosenblum is the Zin master of Zinfandel producing some 25 or so different Zinfandels. This is their ubiquitous table wine variety that runs around the all too common $10 price point.

The wine has a medium heft with a garnet hue and sweet aromas of berries that are spicy and fragrant.

Palate--Medium bodied with relatively gentle berry fruit and a little spice and a finish that lingers a bit.

I have had probably around a dozen of the single vineyard Zins and each one is better than the next. They range anywhere from the high teens to the fifties but most seem to hover around the $25-$30 price point and they are well worth it. So treat yourself to a quality Zinfandel and raise a glass to yours truly when you do!

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