Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shafer "Red Shoulder Ranch" 2006 Napa (Carneros) Chardonnay wine review by Billy

Nose: lightly oaky, banana, apple and citrus flower spice. Pleasantly minerally and expertly layered.
Palate: Even and crisp and dry. Old world style chardonnay lacking the butter cream weight of a chard bomb but rather presenting a lovely and sophisticated elegance of steely feels, cleansing acids and crisp mouth play. An ever so slight spritzig adds a hint of playfulness and elegance to this even wine.
Finish: lingering and enjoyable. Lasting with hints of pear and summer grasses.
Overall: I paid about $35 for this bottle of wine which was a fair price though no bargain. its elegance and simplicity makes it almost understated. It is the supporting actor who steals the show. An enjoyable bottle with an unpresuming character. Write the name down or text "Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch 2006 Chard" to yourself lest you forget this wine after you drink it.

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