Monday, August 24, 2009

Lange Pinot Noir 2007 wine review (PB)

At the risk of you losing you--the reader--I HAVE to explain a few things about this wine regarding its background. Stay with me!

I have been reading a book called The Grail by Brian Doyle in which he chronicles a season in the life of the folks of Lange Winery in Oregon. So I set out to find a bottle of their Pinot Noir which is what they are known for.

I would look for it on each business trip I would take and when I would travel out of state. I was never successful until this June when I was in Minneapolis on business. Billy (of this blog) went into a wine shop in Excelsior Minnesota and EUREKA! I found this bottle of their lowest tiered Pinot. I paid $25 for it which is significantly above the internet price of the upper teens.

That didn't matter as you would have thought I found one of the Jefferson bottles of Lafite...

This Pinot is sourced from Willamette valley fruit and presents with a cherry/black cherry hue with candied cherry aromas from afar. The nose has elegant spice highlights and sweet celery.

Palate--This is cleanly made, gentle berry flavors that are fairly fleeting. It has a nice mouth feel and is artistically made.

After taste--is delicate but almost a candy apple note.

Wine is unlike any other beverage. It is a total experience and spending a year with the folks that made this wine--even in the pages of a book--I can only hope of finding one of their single vineyard Pinots on one of my travels in the future. Raise a glass and pick up The Grail! (you can read a review of the book in the post just above this one)

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