Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir 2005 wine review by Billy

Reviewing the keywords that often lead folks here yields interesting results. Among the wines folks type in to get here is one that we've not reviewed until just recently: Pinot Evil (see PB's review HERE). This is a sourced wine (meaning the winery gets the grapes from other places (Mark West winery from California is similar). The 2005 pinot noir hails from (get this) Romania (DOC Recas).

The clever naming and cute monkey pictures aside, this is not the world best Pinot Noir. It's not even really a good example of a Pinot Noir. In the opinion of this blogger, it's plonk. Here's the review anyway:

Nose: bigger thicker redberry, some licorice. Where is the pinot smell?
Palate: thin. biting. the kind of wine that makes non wine drinkers stay away from wine. the kind of palate that makes wine drinkers go, "I paid what for this?"
Finish: finish? All I have left in my mouth is some green tree - leaf stems.

Take the $7 and buy some Three Thieves Pinot Noir instead.

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