Sunday, July 01, 2007

Domaine Bott-Geyl Gewruztraminer 2002 wine review by (PB)

From the Beblenheim of Alsace is a blow you away, slap me upside the head wine that blows my socks off. I bought it for $6 on close out. I bought it merely because that price for any kind of Alsatian Gewurz. is unheard of. Five years old could be a bit of a stretch as well for such a wine and since it was so cheap you tend to think--"That's why!" But hey, for the price, what do you have to lose?

This wine is incredible! It is a deep golden in the glass and with the bouquet and color I would have sworn it was a Cru Sauternes! Aromas of sweet honey with orange blossoms. Shut up! The mouth is surprisingly sweet; I mean like desert wine sweet-- with solid acid and honey fruit compote that linger on a lovely base. This wine should cost ten times what I paid for it. You better believe I raised a glass--several times.

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  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I completely agree. I paid $20 for it and feel the same way. Just wish I could figure out where to get more!