Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir wine review by (PB)

Sorry but I just can’t stand stupid names (or labels) for wines. This has two strikes against it on both counts. And while you might think this wine must be an American or Aussie creation by the failed and tacky attempt at creative marketing, it is actually French. This wine is a Vin De Pays de I’lle de Beaune, is a pretty color and has a fairly strong bouquet which reminds me of Gamay with strawberry notes. But in the mouth this wine is–and I am not exaggerating–chokingly dry. At the rear of my palate I thought someone had just slit my throat and placed a rosin bag there.

The wine is shallow all the way around with not to much commend it. I don’t know what it cost as I it was brought to my house for Easter dinner. This was NOT the wine the risen Savior made from water...Avoid it and raise a glass of something nice–quickly to get rid of the memory...


Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for. It's a $5.00 bottle of wine. Considering that, I think it is best in class (the $5.00 a bottle class, that is).

It's fine for casual gathering where the wine is not the focus. Won't complement your dinner, but does't detract from it either. I don't find it to be too dry, on the contrary I prefer a dryer wine. Interesting. I hear it needs more time to breath.

PB said...

Additional note on this wine--apparently it is a sourced wine and while the one I reviewed was French, I just posted a review of the 2005 but it is from Romania! It is even worse. The wines are $10 and are probably worth half the price but still--avoid it. (PB)