Sunday, July 29, 2007

Barefoot Bubbly Chardonnay Premium Extra Dry N.V. wine review by (PB)

When you want a sparkler that you can just chill down and enjoy with a host of foods, you don't have to spend a fortune but you DO have to know what NOT to buy. The market has a bunch of really cheap (like $3-$6) "sparkling wines" that are really sugary, disgusting, and just plain nasty. Still, a lot of people buy them...

But for a couple more dollars you can actually get a bubbly with some character that will pair with foods and won't turn your stomach with sweetness.

This bubbly is one such sparkler. It is made from Chardonnay although granted, it doesn't taste very varietal but it isn't bad--really.

It is straw colored in the glass with fine but scant bubbles. The bouquet is thin but there is actually a hint of nuttiness and fruit.

In the mouth the wine is pleasantly dry with gentle citrus notes and again a hint of nutty tastes.

I chilled it well and served it with a seashore dinner of mussels and mahogany clams steamed in a garlic wine sauce. Really drinkable and for $8, why not? Raise a glass.

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