Saturday, January 13, 2007

Concannon Syrah Select Vineyards 2003 wine review by (PB)

Last trip to Boston found me and (NW) exploring four new wine shops close to home. These were shops that we didn't hold out much excitement for as they were small and dumpy. The kind of store with liquor signs plastered all over the windows. So much for appearance! We found a shop in Ipswich that had the best selection of wine under $10 we had ever seen!

We were blown away to see wines by Covey Run and Columbia Crest which we have never seen anywhere! Now that's exciting!

What could possibly make it better? GREAT prices--the only catch, is you have to come equipped to pay cash.

How good were the prices? This bottle of Concannon which sells for $11 just about everywhere was selling 2 for $12 and you could mix and match the various varietals.

Okay--to the wine; nice garnet hue with slight opacity at the center and a nice dark berry bouquet with jammy fleshy fresh fruit a the edge capped off by a touch of smoke.

In the mouth it gave a somewhat tart first impression but that leveled off with just plain new world, fruit bomb drinking. The finish is decent with wood and smoke. Concannon tends to make good wine. At the price we paid, this is a stock up wine.

The store had bargains galore and again--unreal selection. The Feudo Arancio I have blogged earlier was 2 for $10. Unbelievable! Raise a glass to bargain hunting success.

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