Friday, January 26, 2007

Casa De Amaro Reserve Chardonnay 2003 wine review by (PB)

Full disclosure--This wine was sent to me by the good folks at RioJoes wines in California (Visit their site at

I was skeptical just knowing this wine was from Brazil. Nothing against Brazil mind you, just haven't heard, read, seen much concerning wine and Brazil so...

When I removed the cork I was even more skeptical as the cork came out too easily. I was concerned about it being "corked." It wasn't.

In the glass this wine is a very pretty lemon yellow with a bouquet that is quite rich, sweet, and buttery with touches of fruit, butterscotch and candy. I was wowed by the layers of aromas and was now anxious to get to the tasting. (Remember, wine is a total experience--not just what goes in your mouth--although that IS important.)

In the mouth, this wine was a bit awkward at first with a mid-palate flavor of bubble gum. Where oak is concerned I am usually fairly oblivious to woody flavors but this Chard seemed a mite overrun with Oak. (And I prefer oaked Chardonnays to unoaked ones)

*Citrus is present but seems to be a little too acidic (tart). I was disappointed in that the bouquet and nose of this wine is stellar but it doesn't carry through to the palate. The finish is pronounced with a lingering quality and more oak.
*I have been battling a cold for three weeks now but thought my taster was nearly back to normal. Today I am back to sniffling again so in fairness, this review may NOT be completely fair. It doesn't take much to throw off your sensory abilities.

With a price point of $26 I would expect a lot out of this wine. This one delivered through the nasal receptors but the palate was questionable. If anyone has experience with this wine, I would appreciate you leaving a comment as to what you thought! Raise a glass and at the very least give Brazil a try!

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