Monday, January 15, 2007

Concannon Central Coast Limited Release Pinot Noir 2004 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Nose of bright red fruit and a floral bouquet
Lean, fruity core on the palate
Finishes with notes of tart berries, spice, and cola

This wine tastes like real Pinot Noir, although a slightly lean and light style. It's a pretty good value, considering good Pinot Noir is hard to come by for much under $20.

I enjoyed it, and recommend opening a bottle next time you prepare lamb and don't want to break the bank on wine. The bottle cost me $12 at a local store. Raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

Response from: drbrightside

I love your site, thankyou.

Pinot's from the central coast have been the rage for about 10 years for those in the know. The movie Sideways was great that it brought attention to the region, but now it's pinot prices have escalated drastically. One blog that I really enjoy is

Nothing better than a nice swedish talking about wine's from my favorite region.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Soft, supple tannins and notable aromas of cola, along with cherry and raspberry. Great value, but agree that it is a bit thin. Nonetheless, for the price, a sweet indulgence!!