Saturday, April 22, 2006

Turning Leaf Merlot Sonoma Reserve 2003 wine review by (PB)

The Turning Leaf wines I have had in the past were always about the same in quality; basically, ho-hum, to yawn, to yuck. So I was reluctant to try this but Gaiter and Brecher of the Wall Street Journal Friday wine column, listed Turning Leaf’s Merlot (although I am not certain it was this one) as a pretty decent inexpensive Merlot out of the 50 or so they tasted.

I paid $9 for it in Boston. I t has a bouquet that is mostly yeasty on opening with light fruit notes. The pour is medium to light red with a rustic berry nose.

In the mouth it is medium bodied, a bit thin and closed but some cherry notes fighting to emerge. Tannins are pretty nice and all in all fairly well balanced.

With some air, it turns to dark berry fruit, with a tasty, overall solid simple but quality construction. Eventually even some licorice erupts as a welcome addition to this pretty decent Merlot. For the price, I’d raise a glass!

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